What Customers Want – New Customer Experience (or an Evolving One)

By February 7, 2019 Inspiration

Yesterday, I had a new adventure. I took the day off and ventured downtown Chicago. I needed something new, to try something I had never tried before.

But, first, lunch! I enjoyed a great lunch at the South Branch Tavern Grille. This is actually a block away from our Chicago office. Great place no matter what time of the year, but even better in the summer months when you can sit outside.

After an incredible lunch, it was time for my new experience – Opera! Yes, born and raised in Chicago, and have never experienced the opera. I saw Elektra at the Lyric Opera – and I LOVED it! While dark, it was a great intro to opera for me. Short, an hour and 40 minutes, one-act and based on Greek mythology. And just like that, I am hooked.

And on my train ride home from the city, I realized, that is what so many of us look for, something new. A new experience, or at least a different, and hopefully better experience. And I related that to agency life and realized we hear from a lot of our sales prospects that they are looking for something new, something different from their agency. And as an agency, we have to be continuing to evolve to satisfy our current clients as well as engage new ones.

Plus, we all know it takes more money and effort to gain new customers than to retain existing ones. But you have to actively retain those customers. You have to be evolving, continually offering something new to the experience. Here are some ideas:

  • Exclusive sales for current customers
  • Freebies with subsequent sales/visits
  • Referral or reward programs
  • Exclusive events
  • Take feedback and put action to the ideas you can
  • Ask for information like a birthday and send an email or card to your customer
  • Tips, how-tos or other helpful information

Keep evolving. Keep getting better. And remember, WOW your customers with a new experience!

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