What is PPC / Paid Search?

PPC (pay-per-click or paid search) is the process of gaining website traffic and/or phone calls by purchasing ads on search engines.

Yeah, none of our parents, significant others or children get it either when we try to explain what we do for a living. The good news is we understand how this works and do it everyday, so you don’t have to.

Above all, our job is to make sure your business is visible when potential customers are searching for your business, product or service.

Here is a graphic that explains the basics of PPC..

How Our Team is Trained

First of all, our team members attend over two months of classroom training and furthermore another four months of on-the-job-training. Finally, and most noteworthy, they pass several exams before they lead client campaigns.

In addition to our own best-in-industry training, our team members are certified in Google AdWords, Google Analytics and Bing. Even more, they must pass a series of eight tests every year to remain in good standing.

Simply, digital marketing is constantly changing. Every team member also participates in approximately ten hours a month of continued education.

Our Paid Search Service

Simply put, first we learn about your business, website and goals and we match it with our data, trends and insights. While you may know your product as a “widget,” your potential customers may be searching for it using “whatchamacallit.

And that is at the crux of our service. We take what you know and knead and mix it with what we know and our experience and as a result build the right keywords (and negative ones), write compelling ad copy, pick the best landing pages and setup all the tracking.

In other words, we build robust PPC campaigns that blooms business, all within your budget.



Not sure where to start, how much to spend, what to measure? Not a problem, we can help. First, we set up a discovery call to determine your needs, goals and learn more about your business. Second, as a result of what we learn, we will help you choose a package and walk you through our approach and sign up process. Ready to schedule a call? Contact us or use our online scheduler.

Team Assignment

Once you sign-up and we get to know your business, we assign the best team members to meet your business goals.  A number of factors go into the decision, but above all it includes what experience and specific skill set they will bring to your paid search campaign. This team will develop a strategy and be responsible for the day-to-day management of your campaign, and, ultimately, your ppc campaign performance.

Strategy Development

You are signed up, your team assigned and next we work our magic and develop a strategy for you paid search campaign that will capture customers, meet business goals and ultimately bloom business. We provide you a strategy brief that includes our keyword themes, ad copy, conversions to be tracked, and other applicable items like geo-targeting, testing plan, etc.

Management & Reporting

We build the campaign based on the strategy and then we turn it live. Our team monitors and makes adjustments as data comes in. Your team adjusts bids and budgets to meet goals and media budget. As a result, you will see more visitors to you website, calls and/or transactions based on your business and goals. And your report detailing all of these visitors and conversions is delivered by the 5th of the following month.


Visual, yet detailed

Easy to read and understand

Full analysis provided

Insights and trends detailed

View anytime through our client portal

PPC Reports
Digital Marketing Machine Learning


The first machine learning marketing platform

30 high-frequency predictive algorithms

Near real-time optimizations made up to every half hour

Monitored by your assigned account team