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Dynamic Campaign Builder: We Automate Your Business

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A frequent question of retailers with large number of products and fluctuating inventory, including car dealerships, or franchisors with many locations, or even a brick and mortar business with multiple locations, how do we scale campaigns to cover all these dynamic components.

No problem, we say!

That is because Click Blooms has the latest technology to deal with these dynamic aspects of business. We utilize Dynamic Campaign Builder that can utilize a feed-based file from our clients to create campaigns and ads.  In addition, it can pause or reactivate campaigns based on available inventory.

Once a templated feed is set-up and we define the parameters, ads can start running. This can take less than a couple of days, depending on the complexity.

Ad copy can be customized to highlight various aspects from the feed, including model numbers, current price, color, current inventory and much more.  Not only does this help click-through rate, this improved quality score, as the ad and the landing page connection should be highly relevant with the data in the ad.

Feeds can be sent up to hourly, and the system will scan for new items and inventory, and where items have depleted their inventory and make the adjustments.  Combine this with our dynamic Machine Learning bid and budget system, Click Blooms can generate some of the most dynamically working campaigns.  Our bid/budget system can make changes up to every half hour.

With these dynamic capabilities, our team can focus on more important things, including new strategies and scaling and growing your campaigns, which in turn blooms business.

Contact us today to learn how Dynamic Campaign Builder can help bloom your business!

Making Sense of Franchisee Digital Marketing

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The franchisor/franchisee relationship is a crucial business relationship.  Franchisee digital marketing and advertising is a core component for both entities to flourish.  The brand needs to be displayed and messaged that encompasses the corporate vision, but have the personalization needed for the franchisee to be successful as well.

This sounds simple, but when you have hundreds or thousands of franchisees, it gets complicated and messy fast! Custom ad message, geo-targeting, phone tracking, budgets, reports, and more, it can turn into a full-time job for several people.  Sure, you could ignore all these factors and run generic campaigns hoping it drives traffic to your franchisees, but generic and hope is not a strategy.

Custom Ad Messaging

Mention the franchisee business name and/or location in the ad.  This appears to the visitor personalized and meant for them, particularly if this is a business they can visit.  Google makes this very easy utilizing ad customizer data.  Ads can be similar, with small adjustments like the name and/or location.  You utilize a placeholder that flips out to the customized message when the ad is served:

Google Ad Customizer Placeholder

Google Ad Customizer with Replaced Text


Knowing customers and how far they will travel is key to the location you target. It may just be a couple of miles, or it could be an entire DMA that needs to be targeted. This is key to better quality prospective customers and usually on less spend. Plus, if franchisees are closely located, this will help distribute to every location.


Phone tracking

Again, may depend on your business, but there is still a heavy reliance on phone calls as part of the customer journey.  Tracking calls that were generated from paid campaigns is made easy with Google’s call conversion tracking. Track calls directly from the ad, calls to a phone number on your website, and/or clicks on a number on your mobile website.   It does require the use of Google forwarding numbers.

Google Phone Call Conversion Tracking


Not every franchisee is equal, and some may require more or less marketing dollars than others.  Having a full system that monitors and optimizes budgets of thousands of campaigns is essential.  While the engines can have limits, they can still spend 20% higher than your budget.  Investing in a tool (or an agency with a tool) that uses an algorithm to update budgets and bids throughout the day based on thousands of signals, so you do not overspend but, more importantly, gain better traffic.

Monitoring budgets and other KPIs


Generating hundreds or thousands of reports for each individual franchisee can take a lot of effort.  And that is just to pull the report, not to mention customizing and providing insight.  Again, another tool to invest in, or an agency that can provide the reports.  Reports are important, but spending all the time on generating reports, means time is not spent on optimizing the campaigns, which in turns means poor performance.


Weekly/Monthly Performance Reports

Tapping into an agency that has scale and tools to make this easy might be the right approach for you and your franchisees.  Click Blooms as an agency works with franchisors on their franchisee digital marketing with different models, including either franchisors or franchisee’s paying for all the media, with contribution from both, and in some cases contribution from distributors as well.  We do all the customizing mentioned above, and more, and can provide a single franchisor report, or individual franchisee reports. Contact us today to see how we can help your franchisor/franchisee marketing.


More About Click Blooms

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We have officially launched and gaining steam as we head into the beautiful fall season! We are excited and want to tell our story to all that will listen.  In just two months of our official launch, we have already hosted an event, joined the Lisle Chamber of Commerce, and continue to broaden our client base.

Our Next Google Get Your Business Online Event

In the works is our second event: Holiday Livestream Part II on Wednesday, October 17th at 11:00 a.m.   During this livestream event, learn to boost your online presence, reach more customers and gear up for a successful holiday season. The event is held at our office (shared with Lever Interactive) at 701 Warrenville Road, Suite 200, Lisle, IL 60532. Sign-up today, space is limited.  We will have team members there to answer any questions, or if you want to know more about Click Blooms and what we offer.

More Posts to Come

The team is also actively working on additional blog posts to both inform you on industry trends, more about Click Blooms and our team members, and even some fun.  We are very passionate about what we do and how we bloom business for our clients, and we want to share our experiences, our knowledge and even a few of our secrets.

Feed Based Dynamic Campaigns with Inventory Feature

And lastly, our bid management tool continues to grow in capabilities.  We know have the function of creating dynamic campaigns based on feeds. The feed can be product or location based and include inventory information.  Our system will create campaigns, ad groups, keywords and ads based on a template and adjust on/off and bids/budgets based on inventory as well.  We are very excited about this new technology as it will increase our capabilities with non-shopping product-based PPC advertising for retailers and franchisee/dealer PPC marketing.  Contact us today or schedule a call for more information about our feed-based dynamic campaign capabilities.

And stay tuned for more posts!