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Search Engine vs. Social Advertising

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A common question we receive from our small business partners is if they should do search engine advertising or social advertising, or perhaps both. There are pros and cons to both and your business type and goals play a big part of the decision.

Active vs Passive Consumers

At a very high level, the major difference between search engine and social advertising is an active vs. passive consumers. One consumer is actively searching for your product or service, the other is passive and seeing your ad as they browse their social media.

Active – Search Engine Advertising

What we may consider low hanging fruit – capture those that are actually searching for your product or service. You should be investing in some search engine marketing to capture the audience that is actively pursuing what you offer.

This works well for longstanding products/services as well as new ones. However, the newness of the product or service may limit the potential. Let’s say you are offering a never-seen before kitchen widget that can instantly remove seeds from any fruit. Amazing, right? Your patent is all good, manufacturing is in place and producing this widget, and now it is time to advertise.

The issue is that there isn’t a lot of searching for “fruit seed remover” or “how to remove seeds from fruit.” You could include individual fruit names plus some variation of “seed remover,” and see some traction, but not an overwhelming amout. Another alternative is more general terms like “kitchen gadgets.” This can get expensive and not result in a lot of conversions. (Although as a self-confessed kitchen gadget lover, I do use general terms and buy random gadgets, just don’t tell my husband!) This is a great example when passive social advertising may help.

Passive – Social Advertising

As potential consumers review their social media, they can seen and interact with advertising. Targeting consumers is behind the scenes, using one or more targeting methods including location, demographic and interest targeting. Essentially, targeting the right people with the right message.

There is an educated guess behind the targeting, but simply targeting does not mean the person is in-market for the item/service being sold. They are not actively searching, they are passively seeing the ad. This does make for a great awareness campaign, that can result in direct purchases for those brand new items that people don’t know they should be searching for because they don’t know it exists yet.

Just think about how many times an ad in your feed on your social media feed showed you a new item that you at least showed some interest in, if not bought it. And even if it was interest because it was new and something you had not seen before, you may have purchased it later.

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Facebook Ads for “Unknown” Products or Services

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Do you have a product or service that people need or want, but may not know it? It is unique or special, beyond the normal? Is it a nice visual that would stand out?

Sometimes a unique or special product or service just can’t compete in paid search on the major engines. While some people may search for “unique” X, a text ad may not be as compelling.

Case in point, I won a bet with my husband that my Pittsburgh Steelers would beat his Tampa Bay Buccaneers this year and my winnings was a new piece of jewelry (that I picked). I wanted to something different and didn’t want to go to any of the bigger brand jewelry stores. I mean yes, of course a little blue box is nice, but I wanted something different, something that said something different to me.

And there it was, on my Facebook feed, a sponsored ad for a unique jewelry brand, Bryan Anthonys. I had never heard of them, never had seen anything like what they offer, and yet it spoke to me: “What you wear matters,” “Wear jewelry that ignites a feeling,” etc. Obviously, they targeted me based on things I had been liking, clicking on and/or reading.

Many of their items spoke to me, but I settled on the Keep Dreaming choker, as moons hold a special place in mine and my husband’s hearts, and I am a dreamer.

If it was not for the Facebook ad, targeted for me, based on my history, I would not have known it exists. I had searched for things like “moon charm” and “moon necklace” but not found this website.

And remember, I did not actually buy it, my husband did. I sent him the link to purchase. A novice marketer may think that Facebook ads may not be working as Facebook received no credit for that transaction in the data, however, if it was not for Facebook I would not have found it and forwarded it on to be purchased.

The question is how do you know if it is working? You look for the lift, in both traffic and conversions in general. If you were making 100 sales a week, and suddenly you are making 125 when Facebook ads are running, even if it is from different sources, it is making an impact. If you have a negative Nelly on board, stop Facebook and while it may take a few weeks, you will go back to your 100 sales per week.

When you are a new company and/or unique, you must think outside of the box in advertising and analysis. Do not just look for 1:1 ad-to-sale to measure success, look at overall lift and more sales, regardless of where they are coming from.