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New Book for Small Businesses – “Appify Your Business” by Bill Furlong

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I recently attended the book launch of Appify Your Business by Bill Furlong, CEO, SquareStack and very happy to share this with every small business. Bill was a mentor of mine during a management training program a couple of years ago.

Bill’s book embraces technology and running a business. There are so many apps to chose from, but how do you go about doing it, and why? Bill answers these questions and so much more in his book.

Are you asking yourself these questions:

  • Are you exhausted and overwhelmed from running your small business?
  • Are you an entrepreneur short on time and resources?
  • Is the Struggle to streamline your workflow hitting your bottom line hard?

Then you need this book. You most likely didn’t start a business because you loved billing clients, projecting cash flow, understanding web analytics. You started the business to pursue your craft, your product, your service, not to necessarily run a business.

As the Founder and CEO of SquareStack and Owner of several small businesses, Bill Furlong built his career by helping small and mid-sized businesses modernize their technology workflow and maximize profitability. Now he’s here to show how to future-proof your business.

Appify Your Business is your guide for finding and employing cloud tech solutions customized to your unique endeavor. Through real-world examples and practical steps, this book helps you take the uncertainty out of your app adaptation for a stress-free, profitable tomorrow.

Congrats Bill!

New Click Blooms + Google Event: Get Productive with Google’s Digital Tools July 17

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We are excited to announce our next event in conjunction with Google on Wednesday, July 17th. The livestream event, “Get Productive with Google’s Digital Tools” will be held at our Chicago office, 318 W. Adams, 19th Floor Conference Room, Chicago, IL 60606 (across from Willis Tower).

Whether you’re a student, job seeker, parent, volunteer, an employee, or business owner, digital tools can help you manage everyday tasks more efficiently.

We will have team members on hand to talk to you after the presentation, answer any questions and provide you any additional information.  Sign-up below to reserve your spot today! Space is limited.

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2019 Google Marketing Live – What We Learned

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It is day one of Google Marketing Live and we have heard about some exciting new things coming to Google Ads.

Google’s New Bumper Machine

First, a bit about bumper ads. A bumper ad is a six-second video format ideal for driving brand reach and frequency. And Google reports that while they are super short, they have a large impact. With over 300 bumper ads tested they found that 9 out of 10 drove significant lift in ad recall.

Bumper ads use target CPM (cost-per-thousand impressions) bidding. Your pay each time your ad is shown 1,000 times.  They work well with TrueView ads. They are really effective on mobile with people watching video on the go.

By utilizing machine learning, the new Bumper Machine can take existing video ads of 90 seconds or less and create a six-second bumper ad. This was announced at Google Marketing Live on Tuesday, May 14th. The machine learning analysis the longer video and identify well-structured moments and convert those moments into the shorter bumper ads.

This is great news for advertisers with limited creative or in-house video resources. Depending on the longer video, the Bumper Machine can produce multiple bumper ads.

Gallery Ads

Actually, think Facebook Carousel Ads – swipe-able carousel of images. Users will be able to swipe right/left through the images or click on one to expand the gallery into a vertical view that can be scrolled up/down. A call to action to got to the advertiser’s site appears at the end of the gallery ad. In addition, you have a 70 character description and up to three headlines that you can test.

The gallery ads are perfect for anyone with highly visual products and want to drive more engagement. Google has found that images drive engagement and wanted to test this in advertising. While in beta, it will be rolled out later this year. They indicated that on average, ad groups with one more more gallery ad had up to 25% more interactions (clicks or swipes).

Just a note, you may not see direct conversions from the gallery ads, but you will see non-click conversions or assist conversions in the customer journey.

Google Marketing Live – Our Take

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Have you registered for Google Marketing Live? It is happening on Tuesday, May 14th and you can still register for 8+ hours of streaming content. You will be able to engage with product managers with live Q&A and see a sneak peed at the latest Google product innovations.

Plus, we will be live Tweeting during the event and sharing our thoughts and feedback in blog posts at our site. Please join us in the conversation!

Drive Business Results with Google Ads Event Wrap-Up

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We had a great view in our downtown location, right across from Sears, umm, I mean Willis, Tower.

Great Google Merchandise

And great learnings and conversations

Our guests learned about Google Ads diving deep into”

  • Ad Rank
  • Smart Campaigns
  • Display Network and Campaigns
  • Shopping Campaigns
  • Geo-Targeting
  • Local Services Ads

If you were unable to attend, we did miss you. But no worries, you can view the livestream event at your own time. Reach out with any questions, we would be happy to help.

We will be hosting another even in July, with specifics coming out next week!

May Digital Marketing Events to Not Miss

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Everyone is busy. It is hard to get out of the office. But here at Click Blooms we make it a priority. Going out, meeting people, learning new concepts is what keeps us on our toes, improving, growing. Here are two events we highly recommend for you in May – one of them you don’t even have to leave your office:

Drive Business Results with Google Ad

Wednesday, May 8th at 11 a.m. Click Blooms is hosting a livestream from Google: Drive Business Results with Google Ads. Join us at our Lisle office or our Chicago office for this event. The event is free, but reservations are required.

Local businesses will get:

  • Real-time guidance from Google experts
  • Details on different advertising campaign types
  • Instructions on how to increase leads, sales, and brand awareness
  • How-tos for first-time users on choosing goals and measuring success

Google Marketing Live

Google Marketing Live is happening on Tuesday, May 14th—register now. Google will be streaming 8+ hours of content from the event. You will be able to engage with product managers with live Q&A and see a sneak peak at the latest Google product innovations.

Escape Room Challenge 2019

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At our parent company, Lever Interactive, one of our values is Seek and Solve. And while we certainly live this value everyday in our work, we decided to have some fun time and still live our values.

We headed over the Escape the Room in Oak Brook. We broke into two teams (because we like a little competition as well!). One group did the Jurassic Escape:

Team members (left to right): Danyl, Mike, Melanie, Lauren, David, Tracey, Bryan and Dan from their Jurassic Escape adventure.

The other team went on The Dig:

Team members (left to right): Chris, Scott, Jen, Emily, Carla, Amber, Blake from The Dig adventure.

We all had a fantastic time. We laughed, we worked together, we definitely seeked and solved. Unfortunately we did not solve enough and both teams ran out of time before we could finish that last puzzle! Uugh!

We highly recommend it and had a great time bonding as a team!

Click Blooms & Google Livestream Event in Lisle and Downtown Chicago

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We are so excited to announce that we will be offering the upcoming Google Livestream event “Drive Business Results with Google Ads” on Wednesday May 8th from 11 a.m. – 12 p.m. CDT at both our Lisle, IL office as well as our downtown Chicago office on West Adams across from Willis Tower.

Space is limited for both offices, so be sure to RSVP your spot soon! Chicago attendees please see our Chicago sign up page.

Lisle attendees please see our Lisle sign up page.

You will receive:

  • Real-time guidance from Google experts
  • Details on different advertising campaign types
  • Instructions on how to increase leads, sales, and brand awareness
  • How-tos for first-time users on choosing goals and measuring success

Video Marketing Changes in 2018 to Carry Forward to 2019

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While video has been a very powerful way to advertise, it was focused on driving mass reach, brand awareness and consideration. For those direct response advertisers, it wasn’t enough action.

But, in 2018 that began to change. Video is now a larger part of the whole consumer journey. Brands used video marketing in 2018 to both drive awareness and direct response. Want to know more about the shift, here is a snapshot of Google’s data.

Evolution in 2018

The reason video became more action-oriented last year is in large part due to an evolving consumer behavior. YouTube conducted UX research in 2018 and it revealed that people are not always looking for a passive viewing experience. YouTube discovered that many views crave something interactive.

Secondly, platforms have evolved in response to this new consumer behavior. Nicky Rettke, YouTube’s product manager indicated “Historically, video advertising hasn’t been actionable, optimizable or measurable against direct response objectives. The only way someone could ‘act’ on a video was to watch it.” But this changed in 2018. New video formats like TrueView for action allow marketers to optimize for a specific user action.

Lessons for 2019 Strategy

Right audience for action

The American Marketing Association indicates the average U.S. consumer is exposed to 10,000 brand messages a day. How as a marketer do you cut through all of that noise to make sure your video stands out.

An example is a luxury outlet whose buyers were impulse drivn utilized pre-roll video with a 25-second ad that gave the user an offer. If they clicked on a link, they would be taken to a landing page to utilize the offer. If they did not the offer was gone forever. The sense of urgency drove action and direct sales.

Right Audience with Multipurpose Creative

The best ad served to the right audience will not achieve much. An online home goods and furniture retailer used blended brand creative and performance formats utilizing clickable “Shop Now” calls-to-action which took viewers to their website.

They used custom intent audiences to reach people who had recently clicked on one of their product-related search ads. These viewers had already shown interest and with the video creative, they were able to realize a 3x return on ad spend over their other campaigns.

Repeat, Repeat and Repeat Again

Don’t stop with one impression, or try to mix in to many messages. The Google Pixel team in 2018 in their campaign that “Repetition does not spoil the prayer.”

“Repeating the message is the best way to move an audience from awareness to action quickly,” explained. Jabari Hearn, who led the Pixel campaign.

The strategy resulted in 20% lift in brand awareness and a 113% higher click-through rate to the purchase site than the average of previous campaigns.

Success in 2019

Video is a great way to see even further success in 2019. Share your feedback or your wins in 2018 that are guiding your 2019 strategy.

Drive Business Results with Google Ads – Livestream Event

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National Small Business week is May 6-10 and we are hosting an exciting Google Livestream: Drive Business Results with Google Ads on Wednesday, May 8, 2019 at 11 a.m. CDT. This is part of the Grow with Google series.

What local businesses can expect from the livestream:

  • Real-time guidance from Google experts
  • Details on different advertising campaign types
  • Instructions on how to increase leads, sales, and brand awareness
  • How-tos for first-time users on choosing goals and measuring success

And our team will be on hand to answer any questions, or talk further about our services as well.

The event is free, but space is limited and requires a RSVP. Reserve your spot today!