2019 Marketing Ideas for Small Business to Embrace

By January 2, 2019 Inspiration

Happy New Year!  It is 2019, what are you going to do differently to market your business this year and make it a successful, happy and profitable year?  Here are a few ideas from Click Blooms:

  • Invest in SEO NOW– If you have not been investing, you are already behind.  Problem is the more you wait, the more you are behind, as the effects may not be seen for 3-6 months.  If you start today, you are 3-6 months away from more traffic.  If you wait another six months, you are 9-12 months away!
  • Video– YouTube is the second biggest search engine.  Visitors are searching for “how-to” to “product review” videos and much more.  Make them as professional as you can, but a standard smart phone (kept steady) can take great video.
  • Share your story – You probably started this business for a reason (besides making money and being your own boss). Share it!  Share why you started it, what the mission is, what you value, share it all.  Authentic sharing of your story will win the hearts of many customers.  Social media and your own website make great places to share.
  • Grow and automate emails – Whether this is automated abandoned cart emails, or promotions, grow your list and automate your email sends with software or a variety of plug-ins for the website.
  • Host an event – Sometimes getting people in the door is the hardest part of business, so host (or sponsor) an event.  You may be able to partner with other businesses to help as well.
  • Give back – Here is a win-win.  Give time, money or sponsorship to a charity in your area or something close to your heart. Not only is the charity receiving what they need, you are also showing your community that you care, which can never be bad for business.

Do you have a creative 2019 marketing idea?  Leave a comment to what you plan to do this year and inspire others!

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