Jennifer Davis

Managing Director

With over 20 years of both marketing and technology experience, I bring an interesting dynamic to our clients. I began my career in the marketing department of a small, liberal arts university, Dominican University, where my focus was building an online presence and digital marketing, very new to education at that time. Next, I moved into health care where I played a dual role in managing digital projects from a technical aspect, but also marketing the website capabilities to the health care members.

I have been at Lever Interactive for 10 years and have a deep pride and passion for the work we do for our clients.  I wanted to expand that to smaller businesses, and at the same time allow for better training of our team members.  With approval from our president, I have started this new division, Click Blooms – Where We Bloom Business!

I am a problem solver, and many of the components of digital marketing I see as large puzzles, which I love.  With that problem solving passion, I have become an amateur genealogist, dating my maternal grandfather’s family back to the last 1600s from Schwichtenberg, Germany.  I am a fanatic tea drinker, and love mixing my own tea blends. I am happily married for over a decade to my husband Chris and we are owned by two bulldogs, Hugo and Petunia.

Jennifer Davis, Managing Director

Digital Marketing

Puzzle Solver


Tea Connoisseur