Meet Click Blooms

The digital marketing rock stars that turn you into a business rock star

The Story Behind Click Blooms

Click Blooms is a specialized division within a change agent, enterprise-level, Chicago digital marketing agency,

Lever Interactive.



Born from the belief that just like every flower seed should have a chance to grow into a beautiful blooming flower, every business, regardless of budget, deserves a reputable digital marketing agency, focused on providing best-in-class service to help businesses bloom – say hello to Click Blooms.

Meet the rock star leadership behind Click Blooms

Jennifer Davis

Managing Director

“I believe life is made up of puzzles to be solved and failure is the world’s best teacher.”

Emily Czachowski

Director, Media Operations

“I believe that life is one big classroom, where you are continually growing and learning new things.”

Brian Yaro

Director, Strategy

“I believe in helping SMBs identify digital strategies and seeing their companies grow and prosper as a result.”



Maximizing digital marketing budgets to bloom business with the most effective agency team



  • We are transparent, truthful and trustworthy
  • We are life-long learners